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I work with children and their families as they deal with a variety of issues such as health, personality, family dynamics, and school factors which may be creating challenges for the child and the family, and interfering with social and academic success. I help children and adolescents to enhance their motivation and ability to make healthy choices for themselves.

School is an important part of a child's life and school issues often play a major role in a family's life and parent-child relationships. As a parent and a former public schoolteacher, I have a strong interest in children and learning. When appropriate, I consult with educators and other professionals on behalf of the family.



A population whose needs are often underestimated, is that of the Talented and Gifted, for after all, they are the “lucky ones.” However, children with exceptional talents and intelligence often face unique challenges.

I work with children and their families to explore what it means to be gifted, and how being gifted affects the family, school and social life. Together, we explore how TAG related issues such as intensity, heightened sensitivity, perfectionism and asynchronous development may be influencing a child's life. I work to help children and their familys increase understanding of individual needs and develop strategies to deal with issues such as boredom at school, making friends, managing emotional intensity, or determining realistic expectations of self and others.

I help parents work with school staff to provide learning opportunities appropriate for the child's intellectual and emotional level, as well as learning style.




Underachievement has historically been thought of as difficult to reverse. Research indicates that this may be due to the variety of interrelated factors which may contribute to underachievement, and the necessity to develop individualized interventions.

I work with children/adolescents, and their families, as well as educators and other professionals, to first explore what it means to be an “underachiever” and consider the concept of “selective learner.” Next we determine which of the following areas may be related to the “underachievement” in order to develop and implement interventions:

Individual Child's

- Ability
- Personality
- Mental/Physical Health or Substance Abuse Issues
- Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities, Learning Style
- Motivation

Family Environment
School Environment
Peer Group
Attitudes of Local Community and Broader Society

I believe that each child wants to succeed, has a right to succeed, and that it is the responsibility of adults to provide the tools and environment most likely to nurture individual talents and foster success. I help children/adolescents to develop the trust and motivation they need to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them.

A Group For 6th Grade TAG Girls And Able Learners
Facilitator:  Kathy Chilton, LMFT

So … how's 6th grade going so far?  Too easy?  Too hard?  Fun, exciting, confusing?  Here's a chance to meet with other girls who may have some of the same things on their minds that you may have been thinking about.  For example:

If I'm so smart, then how come some things are so hard?

My parents bug me sometimes, what can I do about it?

How can I talk to teachers when things aren't working out so great for me in class?

How can I make new friends?  What can I do if things get weird with my friends?

What can I do if I get teased for being smart or for being my own person?

How can I fit in?  Is it important to me to fit in?

How can I figure out what's important to me when there's so much pressure to be, look or act a certain way?

What can I do when I feel overwhelmed and stressed out about life?

In this group, you'll have a chance to share some of the things you've liked about starting middle school, the ways you've found to make things easier for yourself, and find ways to deal with things that might still be a pain.

What? A group where girls using art, writing, discussion, and role-playing can explore what it means to be a gifted girl in middle school.
When? To be announced
Where? 261 E 16th Ave, Suite 3, Eugene 97401
Fees: $80 fee.   Group is limited to eight girls.

*Kathy Chilton is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Eugene. She is a TAG parent and a former public school teacher.   www.kathychilton.com

For Information and Registration, call 541-343-3772.

A Group For  5th Grade TAG Girls
Facilitator:  Kathy Chilton, LMFT

Fifth grade graduation can feel like finishing a great book, satisfying and sad at the same time, wanting to cling to the familiar, yet anticipating the start of the next great book: middle school! Girls may feel curious, excited, and maybe a little nervous. What will middle school be like? How will it be the same as elementary school? How will it be different? Girls may wonder how they will stay the same as, and change from, the way they've been up until now.

Girl Time is a group for 5th grade TAG girls and able learners, a place where they can meet and talk about things which may be on their minds, such as: friendships, popularity, appearance, school issues, and elementary to middle school transitions. It's a place where girls can share their experiences and concerns; where they can discover and appreciate their similarities and their differences. In fact, one of the things we'll explore is learning style, for example: how some people seem to have ideas pop into their heads and are ready to share right away, while others take a little more time to think about it. Those differences make us unique.

Who? 5th grade girls: TAG and able learners
What? A group where girls can explore their giftedness and the 5th grade to middle school transition through a variety of mediums: art, writing, discussion, role-playing.
When? To be announced.
Where? 261 E 16th Ave, Suite 3, Eugene 97401
Why? To give girls a chance to focus on their current values and how they want to move into the future.
Fees: $80 fee which includes activity materials. Group is limited to eight girls..
Other Info: A follow-up group will be offered in the fall.

*Kathy Chilton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Eugene. She is a TAG parent and a former public school teacher.  

For Information and Registration, call  541-343-3772.

Facilitator:  Kathy Chilton, LMFT


Who? Children in grades 1, 2 and 3
What? TAG support group
When? To be announced.
Where? 261 E 16th Ave, Suite 3, Eugene 97401
Why? Provide a safe environment for children to explore the concept of giftedness, what their own giftedness means to them and how it affects their relationships with others.
Other Info: $80 fee includes activity materials.  Group is limited to eight children.  Topics will be drawn, in part, from Judy Galbraith's The Gifted Kids Survival Guide.  Parents and children are welcome to give input on topics of interest.

Children will have the opportunity to share their experiences, explore their feelings and brainstorm strategies to handle being bored at school, being teased for being smart, difficulties with making friends, and dealing with high expectations of self and from others. To accommodate different personality and learning styles, children will be invited to process information and express themselves through a variety of formats, such as discussion, art and writing activities, and role-playing. All children will be invited to have Fun With
IMperfectionism!  In addition, parents will have the opportunity to meet other TAG parents and expand their own support systems.


     What does it mean to be gifted anyway?         What Am I Gifted In?      Do I Have to be Gifted In Everything?               

 Is Being Gifted ‘Spose To Be A Secret?                 Am I Being Conceited If I Think I’m Smart?

 How Did I Get To Be Gifted?       How Can I Make More Friends?           

Does Being Gifted Mean I Won’t Have To Work Hard?

Is Smarter the Same as Better?                  How Can I Make School More Fun?

                                  How Can I Stick Up For Myself?


*Kathy Chilton is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Eugene. She is a TAG parent and a former public school teacher.  
For Information and Registration, call  541-343-3772.